Saturday, June 7, 2008

A New Season... A New Blog

The arrival of a teacher's summer vacation also brings out the much anticipated reading lists! This year, along with the typical books from the newspaper's summer reading lists and the library sponsored Book Pages, I'm hoping to branch out from the adult books I tend to read and fill in with an equal mix of children's literature.

This is important to me because as a teacher, an important part of the curriculum involves relating the material to the children's every day lives. Children's literature provides this tie and so much more!

My goal, in the coming weeks of Summer 2008 is to read and review at least 10 children's books each week from a variety of genres. My intentions at this time are only to be writing the blog reviews based on the children's literature. However, since I am planning to read from my own adult summer reading lists, if I do come across something spectacular worthy of sharing, I will certainly do that as well!