Sunday, October 4, 2009


How could a little bird have such power? Power enough to save spring?

Ouellet, Debbie.
How Robin Saved Spring.
March 2009.
Henry Holt and Company.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

If Lady Winter has her way, the world will stay covered in blankets of snowy white and icy blue. Sister Spring will slumber forever and the winter will never end. Can Lady Winter really keep spring from coming or is there something the animals might do to help? Led by harbinger Robin, the animals are determined to wake Sister Spring, but what price will they each have to pay? Through beautiful words and pictures, this enchanting tale about the battle of the seasons highlights one special bird who saves much more than just the day.

I've had this book on my shelf awaiting review for a long time now... since I've read it, I've continually asked myself what the heck I was holding off on! Yes, it's really that good! I can honestly say I've never read a book like it and now that I have, I want to read more! Both the illustrations and the story itself have me hooked! I love how the Lady Winter is depicted in the cool, icy color of pale blue, while in contrast Sister Spring is presented to readers in the bright, warm colors we all love associated with springtime! If I had a class of my own right now, this book would be used right now as a springboard for a writing activity for the fall and then again in the winter months. However, since I'm not quite that blessed, I'll keep this in the back of my mind and will be quick to place it in my substitute teacher bag of tricks as a time filler come next spring!

Activity to Be Used in Collaboration with this book:
  • Growing up in my family, story time was always a routine at bedtime. However, story time didn't always necessarily mean physically reading a story. Sometimes, as a family, we'd work together to make up one of our own, each adding our own little parts. If the foundation is there for you, sometimes the story comes easily! Replace story time in your own family one night a week and give this method a try - I bet it will be a hit with the kids! Using this story as your springboard, create a new story each week. Try it out next week! Your title could be How Witch Saved Halloween.
  • In a classroom, use the book as a springboard for creating a monthly writing assignment, with a focus on how various holidays were saved. I think students will really enjoy these writing topics and will be eager to participate. I also think that over the course of the year, if you continually share the story each month, you'll see a big improvement in the development of student's work over time! The topics could be:

    September - How Pencil Saved the School Year
    October - How Witch Saved Halloween
    November - How Indian Saved the Thanksgiving
    December - How Rudolph Saved Christmas
    January - How Snowman Saved Winter
    February - How Cupid Saved Valentine's Day
    March - How Leprechaun Saved St. Patrick's Day
    April - How Jester Saved April Fool's Day
    May - How May Flowers Saved Memorial Day
    June - How Students Saved Summer
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