Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Want TWO Birthdays!

Whoever heard of an unbirthday?
Only the child that celebrates her birthday EVERY day of the year...

Ross, Tony.
I Want TWO Birthdays!
March 2010.
Lerner Books.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

A princess (the King and Queen's daughter) is jealous that her mother gets to celebrate two birthdays - one with her family and one with the people of the land. In expressing her frustration, the Prime Minister penciled a second birthday on the calendar for her... but it turns out, two birthdays weren't enough either... pretty soon, this spoiled little princess is celebrating her birthday 365 days of the year - except with each birthday that passes, less and less celebration and fuss is made of her. Finally, on her real birthday, the little princess decides,
"I want a SPECIAL day, different from all the others."
Her real birthday becomes declared as her unbirthday - the day that will be her special day... turns out, her unbirthday winds up serving as her birthday, as
the cook baked a VERY special unbirthday cake and everyone brought VERY special presents to the unbirthday party.
When she exclaims at the end of the day that she wants everyday to be her "unbirthday," the Maid reminds her that if she did, it wouldn't be very special, just like those other 364 birthdays.

I think children might really grasp the concept being explored here and will realize that their birthday is meant to be a special day that's celebrated just once a year, otherwise it really wouldn't be that special! This could also be a book to share with children who are having a case of the "gimmies," as it tries to show that the more you have, the less you sometimes appreciate what you do have!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • Use this book to teach your child(ren) how fortunate they are to have been able to celebrate their birthday. Visit your local nursing home - ask the employees if they might be able to introduce your family to a resident who doesn't have family/visitors. "Adopt" this person, and create for them a special birthday celebration - showering them with the love they are lacking from their own family (and yes, this is a very real thing at the nursing homes - residents are placed there and their families can (and in some cases, do) disappear and forget their loved ones... unreal, I know, but for sure something that does happen. Allow your child to see how your celebrating with a resident might be the highlight of their whole year - make special gifts and share a birthday meal/cake with them!

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