Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Yard Sale

Help your kids beat the winter doldrums with a little help from Little Critter!

Mayer, Mercer.
The Best Yard Sale.
July 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

When the family decides they have too much stuff, it's decided that they'll hold a yard sale. Excitement runs high as things are collected and tagged and eventually sold. It's fun to sell old things that aren't being used anymore to make money (and more likely than not buy new things)! This book will inspire children to participate in your family garage sale without being so hesitant to sell their old toys and "things."

Reading/Learning Activity:
  • Stave off the winter doldrums. Rather than having a "garage sale," which would be a bit frigid in the midst of winter, gather a bunch of family friends in someone's spacious basement. Have each person joining bring one (or more) thing(s) they wish to get rid of - maybe a toy, tool, article of clothing, book, etc. Display everything on folding tables. However many things are contributed by each individual will be what they are allowed to choose to take home with them! This will spice up the dull days of winter, as children will go home with something new (likely that they've played with and enjoyed before at a friend's house) to keep them going for the rest of winter!

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