Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Froggy Boots" Easter Basket Finds

Trying to get back in the swing of blogging and what better way than to break out some snazzy book-themed Easter baskets. There's still time to order these great items and throw them into a basket for your little ones! Today's idea is frog-themed!

Martin, Jill Zabkar.
Froggy Boots Go With Everything.
JZM Media.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Parents (and teachers) tend to easily recognize a child's love of one specific item - whether it be a special blanket, stuffed animal or something else entirely.

One child's love for his "froggy boots" are evident in this cute, simple board book, as everything (and every part of the day) involve his froggy boots - visiting a friend, making lemonade, building with blocks, planting plants and more.

Not only is the story one that will easily appeal to children, it also provides and encourages the child to interact and take notice of the illustrations AFTER reading - as a "Can you find" picture/word activity is provided to enhance reading and the use of picture clues throughout.

If you have a frog-loving toddler, why not put together a themed Easter basket this year, making this book the center of attention???

What to put in the Easter basket?

Frog Apparel and Accessories to Consider

If the kids are needing a little candy in that basket...

Frog Activities
And... if you're absolutely needing the perfect basket to pull it all together...

Kids are sure to love this themed basket... and will have so much fun with any or all of the different activities that they'll likely not realize how much learning is going on with the fun - a win-win for children and their parents!

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