Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Guidecraft Educators Review/Giveaway Link

Each month, the Guidecraft Educators will share our honest feelings about a Guidecraft product(s) and how these products would fare in an early childhood classroom. This month's selection comes from Guidecraft's Construction Toys line - Magneato Better Builders - 100 piece set

I was SOOOO excited to see this arrive for review!  I love getting new manipulative-type toys for the kids to try out and they love finding something new on the shelf to explore.  The product immediately caught their eyes and the excitement run rampant until they were able to really get their hands on the Magneatos. 

This 100-piece set is ideal for small groups of children (I had about 7 at the table using this toy at a time, to ensure their were ample pieces for each to experiment with).  I probably could have gotten a few more at the table, but opted to try it out this way first... it worked well and all 20 children did have a chance to explore before the end of the day!

 Children loved how they were able to feel the "pull" as the magnets attracted each other and were even more amazed by how they repelled each other at times... I was impressed by the comments that were coming from their mouths and the way the vocabulary flowed - "Miss Katie, I can't be strong enough.  It keeps going sideways!"  The Magneatos provide such an opportunity to bring science and engineering into the children's lives in a creative way!

Magneatos Better Builders also offer children the opportunity to put their creative minds to use!  I had lots of children commenting and showing off their "castles" and "towers."  I also had a few children make a "necklace" with the curved pieces, while others still opted to make "microphone" and sing some of their favorite songs!

I'm definitely going to have to pull these from the shelf for a planned science/engineering activity on magnetism! 
We absolutely love these and they're going to be a hit for some time in our classroom!

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The Giveaway

Guidecraft is generously offering ONE lucky reader of the Guidecraft Educators a chance to win one of these fabulous 100 piece sets of the Magneatos Better Builders!!! To enter, head on over to Andrea's post at MommyPR, as she's hosting this months giveaway!

You have until Friday, November 16 @ 11:59PM Pacific time to enter. 

Or... if you just can't wait to win one and NEED them now, they can be purchased online at: 

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