Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shoes for Me!

Who knew finding new shoes could be so fun???

Fliess, Sue.
Shoes for Me!
February 2011.
Cavendish, Marshall Corporation.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

When young Hippo has grown and discovered it is time to buy new shoes that fit, she goes on an adventure in trying to find just the right pair. There are so many shoes out there - shiny shoes, sparkly shoes, girls shoes, boys shoes, puddle shoes, snow shoes, shoes on wheels, duck shoes... hippo almost feels overwhelmed! However, just when she's ready to give up, Hippo finds just the right shoes for her -
Colored laces,
stripes and spot.
Glowing, blinking
polka dots.

These are perfect.
Can it be?
I have found the shoes for me!
Help young children expand their descriptive vocabulary with the use of Shoes for Me! This book is perfect to help preschoolers use descriptive language and to use more that one word for describing an object!

Literacy Activity:
  • After reading Shoes for Me!, set up your art center/area with a variety of craft supplies (markers, crayons, glitter, glue, ribbon, felt, foam shapes, etc). Print out the shoe templates that can be downloaded here and have your child/students design a shoe of his/her own. Encourage your child/students to choose a shoe that he/she would like to have if they were getting a new pair of shoes! (You may have to print more than one set of the templates to make sure everyone is pleased)!

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