Monday, March 2, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Another Mailbox Monday has rolled around and I've got a couple of reviews, although these two books didn't arrive in my mailbox this past week, but rather weeks ago!

Fifteen year old Celeste has grown up inside the walls of Unity, a polygamous sect that closely mirrors the FLDS polygamist sects of today's mid-west that was most recently in the news last year. The story not only follows the life of Celeste, but two other teenage girls as well.

Celeste herself is very unsure and unwelcoming to the idea of being married off to an older man at the tender age of fifteen. Celeste's sister, Nanette, on the other hand, content and even complacent with what is expected of her, is eager to accept her fate of marrying an man old enough to be her father and settling down with babies. Taviana did not grow up in Unity, but has rather moved onto the compound as a result of other events in her life. While she is grateful for the hope that's been given to her, she ultimately yearns for her old lifestyle.

I very much enjoyed reading this story, partially because so much has been in the news over the past year regarding the lifestyle and impact of the polygamist lifestyle on girls and in part because I enjoy opening my mind to the different ways that people live and how they can (in many cases) feel so content living in a world that would seem unbearable to me. This is definitely worth the read if you enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of others.

In this final segment of the "Poppy" series, Avi again is sure to please readers! One final adventure!

Best friends for nearly a lifetime, Poppy (a deermouse) and Ereth (a porcupine) face the end of their friendship as Poppy and her family endure a tragedy and Poppy disappears. However, the end will not leave readers feeling sad about the events that have transpired in Poppy's life, as Avi does ultimately reunite Poppy and her family, but also Poppy and Ereth, and results in Poppy finally making friends with Bounder the Fox.

The last in the "Poppy" series, Poppy and Ereth would make for a wonderful read-aloud or guided reading book. It could also stand as a stand-alone book, as readers need not have read the other books in the series to feel comfortable and understand what is happening in this tale! Well worth the read!

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