Monday, October 11, 2010

Flora's Very Windy Day

A great way for children to relate (and learn to appreciate) their pesky siblings!

Birdsall, Jeanne.
Flora's Very Windy Day.
August 2010.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

When Flora's mother gets sick of Flora arguing with her little brother, she bundles the pair up and ships them outside, so she can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Flora has other ideas though - sending Crispin away. And of course, since it's a very windy day, who better to help her in her plan to send Crispin away than the wind? However, as soon as the wind whisks him away, Flora is suddenly overwhelmed by the though of losing her little brother to the wind and is determined to stay with him and then take him back home with her. Together, before returning home, the two embark on the adventure of lifetime, visiting incredible things (and places).

This is an incredible story for young children who are struggling to deal (and get along) with a younger sibling. Not only does the story validate feelings, it shares with children a way to get along - embarking on a make-believe adventure in which the two can connect with each other. The illustrations are simple, yet perfect for the story. (They made me think of fall - my reason for holding off on this post).

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • Use this as a "book report" with your child(ren). Have your child(ren) draw a picture of a place they would like to go with Flora if they were able to share a "very windy day." Then, if possible, have them write a sentence that describes their picture... if they are too young to write, ask them where they would go with Flora and write their exact words!

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