Thursday, October 21, 2010

Which Way to Witch School?

Turn Halloween reading educational by using Which Way to Witch School?

Santoro, Scott.
Which Way to Witch School?
July 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

While not technically a "Halloween" story, the idea of witches, combined with the somewhat eerie, dark colors typically associated with Halloween, definitely make this an appropriate "Halloween" read! If you couple it with a lesson on rhyming words, you can even turn this fun story educational!

Children will quickly learn that it's even important for witches to attend school! Rhyming, lyrical text takes readers on an adventure to learn what "witch school" consists of - from learning to cackle and joke to the importance of learning chemistry for those witchy-potions. Perhaps children will find some acceptance in their own schooling in discovering that even witch's benefit from school!

Learning/Reading Activity:

  • Print off 5 (or more) sheets of the Which Way to Witch School Memory Game cards (suggested printing on cardstock for sturdiness). Cut the cards apart. On the back side, choose and write pairs of rhyming words from the text of Which Way to Which School. Shuffle up the cards and play memory, having your child hunt for the words that rhyme.

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