Monday, August 15, 2011

How the Moon Regained Her Shape

Introduce child to phases of the moon with this unique tale!

Heller, Janet Ruth.
How the Moon Regained Her Shape.
February 2006.
Sylvan Dell Publishing

Insulted by the sun, the moon shrinks herself, hoping to disappear. However, with much help from those who truly appreciate what the moon does for them, the moon slowly regains self confidence, increasing back to her full size.

The story is sweetly written and would make for a wonderful introduction to teaching children about the phases of the moon. You could easily incorporate this into a unit on Native Americans as well, seeing as it is influenced by Native American folktales! This book could used in numerous ways at middle to upper-elementary grade levels.

Learning Reading Activities:
  • In their summer journal, have your child respond to the following journal prompt - "Do you think the sun and the moon can think or feel things like humans?," as posed by Sylvan Dell Publishing's Teaching Activities (which also provides teachers/parents with other wonderful activities). Also encourage your child to explain the reason for the answer they choose.

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