Thursday, August 15, 2013

Literacy Activity Bag #2 - Monsters

Sharing the 2nd of my take-home literacy activity bags with you tonight!  This one focuses on monsters - with an emphasis on counting, number recognition and social-emotional awareness.

 These are the two books that are the focus of the "Monster" themed activity bag.  Ten Furry Monsters is intended to help children with counting practice through 10 and introduction to the ideas of addition and subtraction.  Glad Monster, Sad Monster was selected in the hopes of getting parents/guardians talking about those feeling words that children's so frequently seem to lack and to get families as a whole, thinking of ways to handle the different emotions appropriately.

To go along with Ten Furry Monsters, I used the Klutz Pom Pom Monster Salon to create ten furry monsters!  I think these will be a hit!  The monsters are included in the kit for practice counting 1-10 and to be used to introduce children to the concept of adding and subtraction through manipulation of the objects.  (While not intended for this purpose, I'm sure they'll also elicit lots of vocabulary usage!!!)

Also included in the kit is an activity for Playdoh Monsters, intended to help children with fine motor skills.  I included 5 small containers of playdoh and a small craft box with a variety of materials that could be manipulated along with the playdoh to create Playdoh Monsters.  I really think this activity will be a hit, but playdoh will likely have to be replaced on a regular basis and the materials inside the kit will probably need restocking periodically. 

Last but not least is the Build-a-Monster game.  This game has players rolling the die, counting the number of dots and then using that for number recognition, finding the numeral and then following the directions on the director card.  For example, when a player rolls a 1, they select the body for their monster.  If they roll another 1 at any point in the game, the play advances to the next person.  The object is to be the first person to collect all of the parts they need to build their monster.  All of the body pieces (except the main body) are laminated and contain a Velcro dot on back to adhere to the felt body.  The game is stored in gallon-sized Ziploc bag. 

Again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a message if you're interested in purchasing any of these kits and I'll make them available for purchase!!!

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