Monday, May 2, 2011

Children's Book Week, Post 1: Dream Big Little Pig!

Encourage the dreams of young children!

Yamaguchi, Kristi.
Dream Big Little Pig!
March 2011.
Sourcebooks, Incorporated.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Kristi Yamaguchi, artist, author, athlete, wife, mother and philanthropist reaches out to children in her picture book, Dream Big Little Pig!. This wonderful book will encourage children to reach for their dreams, no matter how big and to be persistent in doing so. As would be appropriate from an Olympic Champion figure skater, the hero of the book, Little Pig, finds her calling and fulfills her dream as a ice skater, though not before trying out a few other dreams in the process.

A portion of the profits from sales of Dream Big Little Pig! will go to support Yamaguchi's Always Dream foundation and the collaborative early childhood literacy initiative sponsored by the foundation. Below, you will find a brief summary about the foundation and it's purposes:
...whose sole purpose would be to inspire and embrace the hopes and dreams of children.

Through my Always Dream Foundation, I simply hope to help children fulfill their dreams...

...the Always Dream Foundation has purchased computers for an after-school mentoring program, provided 'shopping sprees' for underprivileged children to purchase back-to-school clothing, organized Holiday parties for children's shelters and sponsored summer camp for kids with disabilities.

This is definitely a quality book, well worth checking out as part of this year's Children's Book Week and I would highly recommend it to all!

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