Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Spy Under the Sea

Gibbs, Edward.
I Spy Under the Sea.
March 2012.
Candlewick Press.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

This take on the classic children's game, "I spy with my little eye..." is sure to have children engaged in the story and eager to guess what is being spied on.  The die-cut illustrations and "under the sea" theme make this book incredibly appealing and fun to look at, both for adults and children.   In addition to appeal factor and desire to reread this story again and again, children will become familiar with the popular game and you'll see them quickly begin to play on their own and start using descriptive vocabulary that will enhance their use of language!

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Learning Activities:

Create a set of your own homemade binoculars.  After you've got your "I Spy" gear, set out on an "I Spy" adventure - take turns being "it" and using/building a descriptive vocabulary database for future language use!  If you and your little one(s) are really into, turn the game into a book-making adventure - create a book based on your own game!


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