Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Projects "To-Do" List

I have several (okay, more than several!) projects on my "to-do" list for this summer.  Two and a half weeks in, I'm actually surprised by what I've accomplished!  Here's my list at it stands now... I'll probably be adding more as the summer goes along!
  1. Baby gift for cousin (baby due in November)
  2. Baby gift for cousin (baby due in December)
  3. Beach Towel Tote Bags for SEVERAL people... many more requesting/inquiring about these!
  4. Shape/Color Pillows for "Quiet Area" in the classroom - idea inspired by some seen on Etsy
  5. Spray Painted Clipboards for Student Artwork display
  6. Homemade Trash Bag for Car
  7. Chalkboard Table for "House Area" in the classroom
  8. Kits for Students' "Take-Home" activities
  9. Curtain for "Writing Area" in classroom
  10. "Remodel" dollhouse purchased for classroom at garage sale for $2
  11. "Remodel" garage broken by last years students
  12. Decorate pool deck to make it more "friendly"
Check back!  I'll be posting pics of all my accomplished projects!


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