Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Basket Books for Ages Newborn - 12

Easter's just a few days away and if you're looking for Easter basket ideas, why not a book? For one, it's healthy! And it keeps on giving for years to come! Today, I've got reviews of books that would be perfect for Easter baskets for all ages!

For the Little Ones (Newborn - Age 4)

Dunrea, Olivier.
Gossie & Friends: Four Board Books in a Box
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.
Guided Reading Levels:
Ollie: B
Peedie: NR
Gossie: C
Gossie & Gertie: C

Meet Gossie, the yellow gosling who wears red boots (all the time) and her friends in this wonderful boxed set! The simple illustrations (which help tell the story) coupled with the predictable text make this the perfect Easter Basket gift for beginning readers!

For the Girls (Ages 4-8)

Noyes, Deborah.
Prudence & Moxie.
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children.

Prudence and Moxie are friends, but that's about where the similarities stop. For friends, they're about as different as can be. But this isn't new territory to me... sometimes kids search out friends in hopes of becoming more popular, more accepted. This book is perfect for dealing with issues of delicate friendships and is therefore perfect for an Easter basket, as friendships exist everywhere!

Moxie doesn't always set the best examples for her friend Prudence. She's always doing something she's been dared to do, not caring if its in her own best interest or not. Moxie's ways are starting to drive Prudence crazy and because there's one small thing that Moxie is actually afraid of and is unwilling to try, Prudence continually asks her to do it to see just how brave Moxie really is... and that's visiting Prudence's horse Thunder. Can Moxie overcome this one fear that's so important to her friend, Prudence?

This is a sweet story that shows that even friends have their differences!

For the Boys (Ages 4-8)

Monroe, Chris.
Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem.
CarolRhoda Books.

Are you looking for a unique Easter Basket gift for your little man? Couple this book wtih a child's tool kit and you'll have all that and more! Boys are sure to love this book so much they'll be pretending there are noisy problems all around your house that need fixing too! It's really a cute read, and don't worry, you really don't need to have read the original, Monkey with a Tool Belt, to appreciate this story to the fullest!

Chris Monroe and Monkey with a Tool Belt return in this book, as Chico Bon Bon discovers that he's got a noisy problem in his treehouse! After searching high and low, he discovers the problem - an elephant is stuck in his laundry chute! Chico Bon Bon takes matters into his own hands, pulling out the trusty tool belt and setting to work freeing the elephant. He does such a wonderful job that by the time elephant has been freed, he, himself decides that he wants a tool belt just like Chico's!

For the Girls and Boys (Ages 9-12)

DiCamillo, Kate.
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.
Candlewick Press.
Guided Reading Level: Q

I've read several of Kate DiCamillo's works (The Tale of Despereaux and Because of Winn Dixie) but this ranks as my all-time favorite middle-grade novel! That's saying something, because I've read a lot and I don't think anything I've read has touched me quite as much as this! I read this as a read aloud with a challenging third grade class during a long-term substitute position last year, and if this story could capture their attention and interest for 30+ minutes at a time, there's no doubt other children will be enthralled with it!

A small toy rabbit, Edward Tulane, traveling with a young girl is accidentally dropped from an ocean liner and is lost at sea. While many might dub this the end for the little porcelain rabbit, it turns out instead to be the beginning of an incredible journey. Readers are likely to be surprised as this porcelain rabbit endures a trip through the ocean and a visit to a hobo camp as just a few stops among it's journey to his final resting place.

It's a sure pick for any child's Easter Basket. Even the youngest child will be captivated, as DiCamillo's text allows readers to visualize the story with minimal use of illustrations.

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I am an elementary reading teacher in St. Louis, Missouri who stumpled across your blog in an after school blogging class! I admire your love of children's literature (I share that love!) and energy in keeping up your blog-- it's awesome! It is a great resource for teachers to get fresh ideas, learn about new books, and keep up with kiddie lit! I am also a fan of Kate DiCamillo and haven't read the Edward Tulane book. I will add it to my summer reading list!