Saturday, April 25, 2009

National Park Week

Okay, so this post was intended to post yesterday, but the weather was a little too nice to be sitting online typing up a review... and since it's called National Park Week, I decided I could hold off on posting yesterday! However, the weather's even better today, in the 80's... sunny and pleasantly breezy! So it's just going to be a quick review... I did want to be sure to get this out to you all, as it is an ARC I received, and was published in March and I've been holding off on a review because it fit so perfectly for a National Park Week post!

Chin, Jason.
March 2009.
Roaring Book Press.

A young boy riding on the subway finds a book that was left behind by a previous rider. The book, believe it or not, is titled, Redwoods. I'm sure he didn't know have any clue what was in store for him as began reading... his subway ride quickly turned almost magical, as he entered a Redwood Forest, to learn all about these tallest trees in the world. The journey he embarks on definitely makes this book worthy of a read!

Readers will quickly learn all about the growth of redwoods - from their roots to their ability to harbor other trees in the knots. Not only are readers learning about the trees themselves, but also all of the other wildlife that habituates in the branches and canopy of the redwood trees. As the book draws to a close, the young boy looks at his watch to discover he must quickly hurry on his way. As he leaves the subway, he leaves the book behind, allowing a young girl to find it and participate in a journey of her own, showing the need for the education of the importance of the redwoods!

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