Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Adoption Month

To commemorate the success of three kids of adoption - infant, special needs, and intercountry - through a variety of special events, National Adoption Month is celebrated from November 1-30. For more information, visit the National Council for Adoption.

Katz, Karen.
Over the Moon.
July 2001.
Henry Holt and Co.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

An affirming story about international adoption, based on the author's own experience with her daughter. A magical, reassuring story of one adoptive family's beginnings, told in words and pictures that are just right for the youngest child.

One of just three wonderful adoption stories I've got for you today, this definitely shows a slightly different take on adoption, as rather than focusing on solely the child, this book allows adopted children to see just how important they are to their parents. This book would certainly make a wonderful gift for adopted children and their parents!

Friedman, Darlene and Roger Roth.
Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles.
June 2009.

The Bowen Press (HarperCollins).

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

It's Cassidy—Li's turn to be Star of the Week at school! So she's making brownies and collecting photos for her poster. She has pictures of all the important people in her life—with one big exception. Cassidy—Li, adopted from China when she was a baby, doesn't have a photo of her birthparents. But with a little help from her family, she comes up with the perfect way to include them!

What a story this is! Star of the Week tells the personal story of Darlene and Roger's adopted daughter. This is a perfect book to celebrate the "star" in all children, not just those adopted! This is a wonderful way to showcase all that your child is, focusing on him/her and him/her alone. If you're looking for a homemake gift for your child this holiday season, make this be your inspiration - show them just how much you love them by creating a personalized Star of the Week!

McCutcheon, John.
Happy Adoption Day!
Little, Brown & Company.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

This adaptation of McCutcheon's song commemorates the day when a child joins an adoptive family. Complete with musical notation, these verses reassure adopted children they are special. Full-color illustrations.

This is a wonderful book to celebrate any adopted child! It let's him/her know that no matter what the circumstances, you have been a family since day one and will continue to be so forever. I think this would make a perfect gift for family members who have adopted a child (as a family gift) during National Adoption Month or for a child, almost as a birthday present, in celebration of the exact day he/she was adopted!

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