Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas:The Snowman's Revenge

Another great choice for a winter break read... at least if you have snow in your area and could have some snowman fun!

Smythe, Mark.
The Snowman's Revenge.
May 2009.
Mark Smythe.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

A snow day leads the children of the family to head outside and brave the elements. Once outdoors, they quickly set to work building a snowman. But, as the frigid weather reaches their bones, the children head inside out of the storm to warm up with Mom's hot chocolate and then some playing with toys. As the snowman watches from outside in the storm, he becomes angry and seeks revenge. Determined to scare the children, the snowman sneaks into the house to make a drastic discovery and quickly hides in the freezer. As the night goes on, his determination to scare the children builds and sets forth from the freezer to doing some scaring. Again, he notices that drastic discovery, and before long, all that's left of the snowman is his hat, scarf and jacket. When the children find that laying in the hallway in the middle of the night or come morning, they're sure to be a bit startled!

This book is great for a variety of age ranges - the youngest of children (~3's) would be able to possibly make the connection that the snowman is melting because he's indoors where it is too warm for snow to stay snow. Older children will enjoy the humor provided throughout the story. All around, I'd say it's a hit!

Reading Activity:
  • With younger children (those that I'd work with), experiment with snow. Bring some in the house and leave it on the counter. Put some on in the refrigerator. Put some on the stove and turn a burner on low. Watch what happens. Discuss with your child what is happening and the reasons for that observation.

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