Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guidecraft's Rainbow, Sand and Crystal Bead Blocks: Review & Giveaway Link

Each month, the Guidecraft Educators will share our honest feelings about a Guidecraft product(s) and how these products would fare in an early childhood classroom. This month's selection is a variety of blocks from puzzles from Guidecraft's "Block Play" line!

Block play, as you will see from the photographs below, allows children the opportunity to develop and use their imaginations in a variety of educational ways, from the very basic (great for toddlers & preschoolers) to more complex (appropriate for middle elementary schoolers, age 8-11). In any event, chances are, you know someone who would love the blocks in the Guidecraft "Block Play" line! The use of blocks in early childhood education promotes eye-hand coordination, visual perception, patterning (color/size), measurement, scientific exploration (levers and inclined planes), vocabulary usage, and dramatization and role play. The rainbow, sand and crystal bead blocks only make all of this exploration that much more engaging and fun!

I added these blocks to our shelf on a Friday afternoon, after the children had left for the weekend. I watched excitedly come Monday morning to see what their response was. I was surprised to discover that they all immediately noticed new blocks in the "block area" and almost immediately began exploring them. However, NOT ONE actually used language to share with friends that these block were "new." The blocks were quickly put to use - as castle toppers, "garbage" on dump trucks, and as "wood" for new dinosaur houses. Another interesting observation that was noticed by the children was that if they held the rainbow blocks up to their eye and looked through, they saw objects take on a different color (red, yellow, blue). "Miss Katie, you're red now!"

The blocks have definitely been a hit in the classroom and welcome addition to the "Block Area." It is evident that the blocks are a favorite and would be a well-loved, put-to-use Christmas present this holiday season!

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Or... if you just can't wait or really want to get your hands on this wonderful line of products, they can be purchased online at either or on Guidecraft's Website!

Rainbow Blocks (10 pieces) - or Guidecraft Website
Rainbow Blocks (30 pieces) - or Guidecraft Website
Deluxe Rainbow Blocks (42 pieces) - or Guidecraft Website
Crystal Bead Blocks (8 pieces) - or Guidecraft Website
Sand Blocks (8 pieces) - or Guidecraft Website

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