Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elfing Around!

This year, I've been introduced to an old, long-standing Christmas character that I never paid much attention to... but the more I think about *him,* the more I think that he could make Christmas a lot of fun! So, today, we're "Elf"ing around!

Randall, Marilyn.
Elmer the Christmas Elf.
November 2009.
Review Copy Provided Courtesy of: Lulu Publishing.

A new author to, Marilyn Randall, is reaching out to children in hopes of instilling in them, the values that were instilled upon her as a child. Many of these values appear to be forgotten about as times have greatly changed... even over the course of just a few short years.

A big theme, central to Christmas is repeated several times throughout this unique story.
To give at Christmas with a joyous heart
Is to share the love of God
And there is no greater gift from Him
Than His love, of which you've got.
As I child, I always believed it was the elves making the toys that Santa then gave as gifts through the chimney during the late hours of Christmas Eve. I guess that makes it only appropriate that is an Elf teaching this message to children! To encourage children to enjoy giving as much, if not more than receiving gifts, will help you raise a well-rounded child who will quickly learn that what you have to offer is much more important than anything you could ever receive.

While the story is somewhat lengthy, I do believe they'll be able to take a great deal away from it, especially if you accompany the story with an appropriate craft (which I have provided for you below).

Learning/Reading Activities
  • Work with your child(ren) to construct the Cinnamon Elf craft, directions found here. The idea of using cinnamon sticks is a gift in itself from the aroma that it offers.
  • With your Cinnamon Elf, enclose the following saying, hand written from your child, "Have your ELF a Merry Little Christmas!"
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