Friday, March 5, 2010

Sitting Duck Friday? Sounds Good to Me!

Jackie Urbanovic's Duck series is quickly becoming a bit hit! The first one I read, Duck and Cover, I just didn't understand. However, the series is growing on me, especially after having read (and understood the humor) in Sitting Duck!

Urbanovic, Jackie.
Sitting Duck.
January 2010.
Harper Collins.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Duck returns in another adventure to help Brody babysit his niece Anabel (a puppy, for those of you unfamiliar with the characters in the Duck series). It should be an easy job...
"Babysitting is easy! said Brody. "We'll all play together. Our only job will be to keep her out of trouble."

"Sure," said Max. "How much trouble could a puppy get into, anyway?"
For those of you who have helped raise a puppy, you know as well as I do just how much trouble a puppy can get into! And Max and Brody are apparently in for a shock if they think taking care of puppy Anabel is going to be a piece of cake!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • This book is not only funny, but should get both parents and children thinking about babysitters. After reading the story, discuss how little Anabel causes trouble with her babysitters. Explain the consequences this had for not only Anabel but also for Max and Brody (resulting in danger for Anabel - possibly getting hurt if she fell out of the tree, resulting in fear for Max and Brody - that they could have caused harm to Anabel by allowing her the opportunity to land in a dangerous situation). Once you have read and discussed the story, work with your children to create a list of reasonable rules to follow when there is a babysitter, as often times some of the house rules are changed when babysitters are present (extending bedtime, special meals, no swimming, no cooking on the stove, etc). It's important that children are familiar with the different rules so they are safe, even when babysitters are present!

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