Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lily Hates Goodbyes

Helping children cope with emotions surrounding a deployed parent (or goodbyes, in general).

Marler, Jerilyn.
Lily Hates Goodbyes.
March 2011.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

When Lily's father is deployed, the four year old isn't quite sure how to handle her emotions and feelings. Lily (in the book) mimics Marler's granddaughter, "real" Lily, who deals with deployment on a somewhat regular basis. As different emotion surface throughout the story, children are presented with coping methods to help them work through the emotions in a safe way. The methods provided prove not only useful to children, but to parents as well, as parents will find new ideas to try out to help a child cope with a family deployment right through the loved ones arrival back home!

The book is very well written and would be extremely meaningful to any family who is facing a military deployment or a "goodbye" in general. Parents will welcome the information provided on the inside of the back cover, which focuses on how to get the most from the book... lots of great ideas!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • Even if you are not facing a military deployment in your family, this book can be helpful in helping children to find ways to express and cope with their emotions. In his/her summer journal, have your child answer the following questions:
    * Name something that makes you angry. How can you express your anger?
    * Name something that makes you happy. How can you express your happiness?
    * Name something that makes you feel sad. How can you express your sadness?
    * Name something that makes you feel excited. How can you express your excitement?
    * Name something that makes you feel scared. How can you express being scared?

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