Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Knew... Polar Bears and Math?!?!

I was beyond excited to find a way to incorporate math into a Polar Bear theme! Although this book is mainly geared toward older children, it can probably be used with younger ones with a bit of modification!

Nagda, Ann Whitehead.
Polar Bear Math.
Henry Holt and Company.
Review copy borrowed from local library.

Klondike and Snow, newborn polar bear cubs who have been abandoned by their mother, are taken in and tenderly raised by zookeepers at the Denver Zoo. Throughout this story readers watch as Klondike and Snow grow into full-size polar bears. Along the way, readers also have the opportunity to learn about fractions!

Usable in two different ways, this book is accessible to all, even the youngest of children are eager to listen to a story about these twin polar bear cubs. Older children (third grade and up) have the opportunity to turn the story into a learning experience, as on the left hand side of each page, a separate story of sorts exists, in which, fractions are introduced, explored and ultimately expanded upon. For younger children, the story alone (found on the right hand side of each page) is wonderful and will easily capture attention!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • The following activity, a companion worksheet, combines aspects of everyday mathematical concepts with fractions, similar to those introduced in Polar Bear Math. The worksheet is appropriate for children in grades four and up. Some may need a bit of extra guidance! The worksheet can be downloaded here.

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