Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Year in the Life of Polar Bear Cubs

I wanted to include this topic in my polar bear theme because not only will kids love learning about those cuddly-looking cubs, there's also a great deal of information revolving around polar bear life in general - cubs and adults!

Miller, Debbie S.
A Polar Bear Journey.
Walker & Company.
Guided Reading Level: T
Review copy borrowed from local library.

It's November and Mother Polar Bear has just descended deep into a cave, settling into a deep sleep, anticipating the arrival of her coming polar bear cubs. As the months pass, we quickly arrive to January - the time when the new cubs are born! From here on out, readers are taken on a virtual adventure, traveling the Arctic with mother Polar Bear and her twin cubs. The journey shares with readers one year of the cubs' life, leaving us with the ultimate achievements of the first year - traveling nearly fifteen hundred miles before becoming strong enough to hunt and kill seals on their own!

The book is quite lengthy and detailed. However, it is chuck full of information that is more than relevant to the study of polar bears in this unit! To break up the reading, or to check comprehension of your child(ren)'s reading/listening, I have created A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear Cub. This is a study-guide of sorts and could be used in countless ways! Hopefully you'll find some use in it!

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