Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ruby Valentine Saves the Day

Show your children how to celebrate Valentine's Day without all the hype of commercialization!

Friedman, Laurie.
Ruby Valentine Saves the Day.
August 2010.
Lerner Publishing Group.

Ruby Valentine has always been a fan of Valentine's Day. But when her new home atop a mountain prevents the guests from arriving at her annual Valentine party, Ruby and Lovebird must come up with other plans - taking the party down to the people of Heartland. However, after making their way down the mountain to the town square, Ruby discovered that all of her Valentine's gifts had been lost along the way. The townspeople quickly show her the real message of Valentine's Day - "If you're with the ones you love, that's all you need to celebrate." The party then proceeds without a hitch, as the party guests decorate a large snowman, sang songs, and had a ball!

Definitely a great Valentine's Day book, especially if you're looking not to spend money on all the frivolous little gifts that are associated with Valentine's Day. This book will show children (and parents) how to celebrate without spending any money!

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