Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kindergarten Day

Hays, Anna Jane.
Kindergarten Countdown.
Alfred A. Knopf

There are seven days, just one week until kindergarten! Join in on this little girls excitement as she prepares spends her last days of freedom counting down the days until kindergarten. The rhyming text, in addition to her practicing school-related topics helps pass the days until it's finally the first day of kindergarten.

The excitement portrayed in this book will hopefully help your little one show a bit more eagerness in the week before kindergarten.

Davis, Katie.
Kindergarten Rocks!
Harcourt, Inc.

Dex is very excited about kindergarten! After all, his sister Jessica has told him everything there is to know about school, and he's sure that Kindergarten is really going to rock! As Dex prepares for the first day, we see the worries appearing, through the form of his stuffed dog. Dex wants to put on a brave front but really is a little nervous on the inside.

I think this book is really appropriate for children who will be entering kindergarten this fall. Kids want to be excited... they want to feel brave, but deep down, they're like most of us, nervous in anticipation but wanting to put on a strong front and appear at ease.

Carlson, Nancy.
Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!
Guided Reading Level: J

It all sounds good and fun. Henry's looking forward to counting, singing, painting, writing, all the fun that comes along with kindergarten... until he gets to school, sees unfamiliar faces and faces the reality that Mom's not going to be there with him. Now he's not so sure he wants to stay. However, a loving teacher coaxes him in to the classroom, reminds him of the things he saw during kindergarten roundup and makes him feel at home. After meeting a new friend, Henry agrees to stay... at least for a little while!

This is a cute book and very appropriate for sharing with children who will soon be entering kindergarten!

Bergman, Abby Barry.
Learning Center Activities for the Full-Day Kindergarten.
The Center for Applied Research in Education.

This one's for the teachers out there! I came across this while browsing the library web-catalog and was interested... who doesn't love new teaching resources (well new in the sense that they're new to me). The book is older but it does have some great ideas for learning centers (block,housekeeping, science, listening, writing, classroom library, music, and art), as well as for conducting morning meeting.

It's worth checking out if you can find it at a local library! I know I'd find it handy if I had a classroom of my own right now (not only for kindergarten, but for all of early elementary classrooms)!

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