Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Reviews for Today.... April Fools!

I've tried my hand at pulling a few April Fool's Day tricks, and I'll let you know how they turn out a bit later in the day, after I receive my reactions! For now though, I've got an April Fool's Day book review to pass along your way! Of the three I read, I only feel one was really deserving of a review. The other two - they were just okay. Arthur fans will likely enjoy Arthur's April Fool. As for It's April Fool's Day!, I felt this one was less April-Foolish, and more just about prankster friends... Feel free to offer your opinions on any of these! I'd be happy to hear what you think of them if you're familiar with them!

The book that really blew me away and I hope to add to my own collection in the near future was...

Bateman, Theresa.
April Foolishness.
Albert Whitman & Company.
Guided Reading Level: G

Grandma proves to be quite the mischevious farmer's wife in this story! As the grandkids have come for a visit, she's planned up quite the scheme to "get" Grandpa on April Fool's Day! Taking turns, the grandchildren continually reappear at the door, shouting to Grandpa,
The cows have got loose - I think Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose!
Grandpa, oh, Grandpa! The pigs broke the gate! They're in the
tomatoes! Oh, hurry, don't wait!
Grandpa, oh, Grandpa! The sheep are all gone! I've heard that
they're munching on somebody's lawn!
Grandpa doesn't fall for their foolishness though, and reminds Grandma, as she's inquiring about all the ruckus, that April Fool's Day is today and that he know's he's being fooled! However, Grandma's the one that does the real fooling, joining in on the grandchildrens' prank! She gives him a little white lie,
"But, honey, said Grandma, you'll find to your sorrow, it's not April Fool's Day
today, but tomorrow."
Grandpa quickly dashes out the door, suddenly worried about all of his animals... only to find... he's the real

The story really was adorable and kids will certainly be laughing at the illustrations that so vividly allow imaginations to really believe that the animals have gotten loose!

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