Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life Cycle Saturday #3

It's Life Cycle Saturday #3. Salamanders this week! The kids are going to love it (as long as they aren't afraid of amphibians)!

Nelson, Robin.
Life Cycles: Salamanders.
Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.

Lots of information to share in this one, as all parts of the Salamander life cycle are, surprise!, mentioned! However, in order for students/children to make the most of this life cycle learning, they must first have an understanding of the word larva, as it is mentioned on nearly every page.

The photographs are colorful and appealing to the eye, will quickly catch the attention of young children, especially if they've ever tried catching a salamander or newt (my brothers and I did that every year as children as part of our weekend camping trips throughout the summer)! Why not turn this fun summer activity into a life-long learning experience? This book is perfect for a young child who's just starting to show an interest in amphibians, and especially salamanders!

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