Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!... To Me!

So... today is my 26th Birthday and in honor of myself, I've decided to review some birthday books! As a teacher, I would love to be able to send my (someday) students to a shelf in the classroom and pick out a birthday book as the day's read-aloud. However, that would require quite a large supply of birthday books. I think I've got about 8 of them for today to review that will be on my classroom's birthday shelf someday. Because there are so many, the reviews are going to be short but sweet... and no teaching links today as these are purely for read-aloud pleasure!

Harris, Robie H.
Happy Birth Day!
Candlewick Press: Cambridge, MA.

Ages: 3-8
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: N/A

This book would make for a wonderful gift to give to a newborn baby as a keepsake. The story told is one of the love and feeling that new parents experience on the day of their new baby's arrival. The illustrations are life-like and very realistic, making the story seem as though it could be a true story told from any parent's point of view.

Kiser, SuAnn and Kevin.
The Birthday Thing.
The Trumpet Club: New York, NY.

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level: N/A

It's Timothy's mom's birthday he wants to make her something extra special all by himself. However, other family members quickly begin to help out and craft some of their own ideas into Timothy's "Birthday Thing." When the gift is finally finished, no one really knows what it is, so they make do with the "Birthday Thing." Mom, however, has a vision in her head about just how to put the "Birthday Thing" to use and it turns out that it might just be her favorite birthday gift ever!

Le-Tan, Pierre.
Happy Birthday Oliver!
Random House: New York, NY

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level: N/A
Oliver is certain his parents have forgotten about his birthday - his mother deems the day "Friday" and his father left for work without a word. On the way to school he's so upset about no one remembering his birthday that he's nearly hit by a car. No one at school even acknowledges his birthday either. Just as he is arriving home ready to go straight to bed in frustration, Oliver's parents greet him at the door with his birthday surprise - a surprise party filled with lots of fun!

Hoban, Russel.
A Birthday for Frances.
Scholastic, Inc.: New York, NY.

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level: K

Frances's little sister Gloria is having a birthday and Frances is jealous about the cake, ice cream, presents and attention that Gloria is receiving and angry about the trouble her little sister causes her. However, despite all her attempts to ruin Gloria's birthday, Frances soon realizes that Gloria idolizes her, as Gloria spills her birthday wish. Frances quickly realizes how important she is to Gloria and decides to let Gloria enjoy her birthday and to take part in the festivities as well!

Riddell, Chris.
Platypus and the Birthday Party.
Penguin Group: New York, NY.

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level: N/A

Platypus is throwing a birthday party for baby playtpus, Bruce and enlists the help of Echidna (resembles a porcupine). Together, the two wear party hats, make a cake, blow up balloons and make paper chains. They have so much fun, they almost forget to bring Bruce when it's time for the party to begin. They enjoy the party so much, they even vow to have another one... tomorrow!

Inkpen, Mick.
Kipper's Birthday.
Harcourt, Inc.: New York, NY.

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level: N/A
This is a cute story that will likely have kids laughing!

Kipper's decided to throw himself a birthday party. He makes the invitations, "Plees come to my bithday party tomoro at 12 o cloc dont be lat" and then hangs them up to dry. While the invitations are drying, Kipper decides to bake a cake. By the time that's finished, he's too exhausted to deliver the invitations, so he waits until the morning of the party... Unfortunately, Kipper can't understand why no one shows up to celebrate his birthday with him. After going to bed on a full stomach from eating all of the cake on his own, Kipper is awoken the next day to his friends pounding on the door... they've shown up for his birthday party, which was really yesterday!
Dr. Seuss.
Happy Birthday to You!
Random House: New York, NY.

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Fiction, Birthdays
Guided Reading Level:

This book is written in true Dr. Seuss fashion... it's long but definitely worth the read because of it's humor alone!