Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sunday Blues

Well, it's been nearly two weeks since most of this household has been out the door to work/school and let me tell you, we've all got a wicked case of the Sunday Blues... so a quick review tonight before settling down for a busy day tomorrow - The Sunday Blues: A Book for Schoolchildren, Schoolteachers, and Anybody Else Who Dreads Monday Mornings, by Neal Layton.

In this super cute story, a little boy Steve, is already dreading Monday morning and the back-to-school routine even though he still has all of Sunday left to enjoy! Mom and Dad try and make Sunday a fun day, taking him for a walk where he splashes in puddles and finds a giant snail. Even a visit to Auntie Vera's sounds like fun.... until she brings up school! Even Steve's favorite dinner puts a damper on Steve's Sunday because he knows that after dinner it's bath time and bath time means Monday morning is looming nearer and nearer. Monday morning arrives and Steve takes his time getting ready for school, but upon arriving there brightens up. His friends are all waiting for him on the playground reminding him that a day of fun awaits them - researching mollusks in science and learning about Pirates in social studies. Once Monday is in full swing, Steve realizes that maybe school isn't so bad after all!

Children and adults alike are sure to love this as it reminds us all that come tomorrow morning (Monday) we'll get to see our friends and co-workers! And, if this book still doesn't help children adjust to the Sunday blues, here are some links with suggestions that might just make the Sunday-Monday transition just a little bit easier.

And all you fellow bloggers with the Sunday blues, you have something to look forward to... the new blogging plan takes effect tomorrow! Look for the daily theme!


style='clear: both;' Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I didn't know about this book. And I am a HUGE Neal Layton fan! (I bought three signed prints from him and am in the process of having them framed)

Thanks, Katie!

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Anonymous said...

Love your review. Sounds like a book I need for today!

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Anonymous said...

Great review Katie! This is a favorite of mine....