Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Here it is! Adult read #1 for 2009. It's also #1 for my 1st in a Series Challenge - 2009! I've browsed at this book numerous times but for some reason always passed it by. However, Amanda from A Patchwork of Books, a long-time personal friend of mine, sent the first two books in this series, French Twist, by Sandra Byrd back in the end of 2008. I finally got around to reading it and now I'm kicking myself for not getting to it sooner! Not only did I read #1 in the series, but I've also now finished #2, Bon Appetit. In fact, I'm appalled that I now have to wait Fall '09 to finish off the series! I think the reason that I was so drawn to this series is that as I was reading I noticed so much of myself in the main character, Alexandra (Lexi) Stuart.

Lexi is fresh out of college with a degree in French studies - a degree she's dreamed about for years, but now has no idea how it's going to benefit her life. Fired from her first job (reviewing/editing recipes) out of college, Lexi now must figure out what will be the next phase of her life. Without letting on to family members that she's lost her job, Lexi sets out in search of what turns out to be the "dream job..." at least that's the way book #2 in the series has it ending! Lexi enters a French bakery one day during her job search with the intent of ordering a cafe. She leaves with a job application after conversing with Luc, manager of L'Esperance Bakery. Ultimately, Luc offers Lexi a job and the real story begins!

The recipes, Wikipedia articles, and personal notes added throughout the story only add to the long list of things that drew me in to the series. It's chick-lit at it's finest!


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Anonymous said...

SO glad you liked these! See...I know your reading taste pretty well :-).