Monday, January 19, 2009

Pat Mora's Birthday

Mora, Pat.
Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers.
Lee & Low Books: New York, NY.

Ages: N/A
Genre: Poetry
Guided Reading Level: N/A


This poetry anthology, put together by Pat Mora, acts as a tribute to Hispanic mothers and grandmothers on behalf of their child(ren). Thirteen poems, some written bilingually, recall the accounts children have of special moments they have shared with their mothers and grandmothers. This book would serve as a wonderful gift for Mom or as a springboard for a Mother's Day gift to be made at school or even at home with Dad's help!

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Mora, Pat.
Listen to the Desert = Oye al desierto.
Clarion Books: New York, NY.

Ages: 3-8
Genre: Non-Fiction, Rhyming Text
Guided Reading Level: E


This book would be a wonderful resource in a classroom when students are learning about different ecosystems (desert) and habitats, or as an introduction to the Spanish language. The text is very simple but provides a wealth of information about the desert at a level that would interest the youngest of readers.

Pat Mora introduces students to the desert and desert wildlife - owls, toads, snakes, doves, coyotes, fish, mice, rain, and wind. The illustrations are simple yet focus on the related text, providing minimal clues that allow enough visualization for non-readers to grasp the concept of the text. The repetitive nature of the text allows readers to easily predict some of the text that will follow.

Links about the Desert:


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