Saturday, January 17, 2009


This book has been on my bookshelf for going on 4 years now... the Young Adult Challenge finally prompted me to pull it and read! I can't even begin to explain what I had missed out on by waiting so long to read this title! Amazing! Inspiring! Incredible!

Spinelli, Jerry.
Random House Children's Books.

Ages: 10 +
Genre: Fiction - Realistic
Guided Reading Level: V


Stargirl arrives at Mica High, a burst of color that makes other students stop and watch. She's different - really different. And like most students in high school today, they don't take well to different. Stargirl is teased - made fun of... by almost everyone... among them, Leo Borlock. Leo is captivated by Stargirl and her antics. Throughout the story, Stargirl slowly succumbs to the way of high school students only to discover that once she conforms to their "way," she's not accepted any more than she was being an individual. This story teaches some very powerful lessons and is well worth the read!

After reading Stargirl and doing some research of my own, I have decided to create a "Stargirl Society" as suggested by Jerry Spinelli for middle school girls during the summer! Look back for updates on this!


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Anonymous said...

I would totally help you out with a Stargirl Society...that would be awesome! Too bad I live a bajillion miles away.