Friday, January 16, 2009

National Nothing Day!

We adults might really enjoy this National Nothing Day if it weren't for the kids in our lives who suffer daily from boredom. Are you tired of hearing your kids or students tell you "There's nothing to do"? Hard to search for books on this topic but I did find one book that really caters to this "nothing to do" idea and I also found another really, really cute picture book catering to expectant moms that I think might make a wonderful shower gift! In place of lesson plans for today, I've found some websites that provide boredom busters for bored children! I hope everyone enjoys the books and the website resources.

Parks, Barbara.
Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here!: A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting
Random House: New York, NY.

I've often heard of a mother-to-be receiving a book at a baby shower. I found a perfect one that should be given out to all expectant mothers! I'm sure that mother's get antsy and excited for the time to pass while they await the arrival of a new baby. This book addresses the same issue from the baby's point of view. It reminds the mother of all that awaits her when the new baby finally does arrive.
"Your Baby" is bored! There's nothing to do inside the uterus - no trees to see, no other kids to play with, no monkey bars, no parks, no zoos. He tries to play hide and seek or tag to keep busy but ends up disappointed because he always has to be "it." The baby questions whether or not Mommy and Daddy are ready for his arrival -a crib, diapers, shampoo, etc. Baby then goes on to remind Mommy about the lack of sleep she'll soon be receiving and decides he's content where he's at for now, as he still needs to get bigger and stronger. The baby sends a special, strong message to mother-to-be at the end!

Wood, Douglas.
Nothing To Do.
Penguin Group: New York, NY.

This book brings me back to my own childhood memories and makes me look back on them fondly! Ahh, how my mom had an imagination! As the book opens we're greeted by a young boy who has a day when there's absolutely, positively nothing to do! While most kids today would be complaining that they are bored or that they'll just play a video or computer game, this little boy uses his imagination to come up with something to do. That being said, I recommend this book to anyone! If that's not enough, a very important message is sent to readers at the very end of this book!

No homework? No sports practice? Nothing to do? Rather than complain about having nothing to do, this little boy takes uses his "Nothing to Do" day to remind someone with big shoes that sometimes, doing nothing is the most important thing to do! However, along the way, he gives out wonderful ideas about what people can do to keep busy - catching fireflies, making a paper airplane, building a fort, watching the clouds turn into almost lively objects, making popsicle stick crafts, watching ants or even just walking barefoot through mud.

Here's some winter boredom busters that might keep them occupied so you can sit back and enjoy doing absolutely nothing!


style='clear: both;' BookChook said...

You make them both sound like fun. I'll definitely be looking out for them!

style='clear: both;' Unknown said...

Yes! It's so important to teach children that it's their responsibility to keep themselves from being bored. It's not shameful to be bored, as some make you think. It's a normal emotion like fear or sadness or happiness. Still it's not somebody else's responsibility to keep them entertained. So thanks for letting me know about the book "Nothing to do."

I hope to have my own book about boredom on the market next year. See me at