Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Library Lover's Month!

Did you know that February is Library Lover's Month? I didn't either, but I'm here today, ready to provide to you some reviews for absolutely wonderful library-related stories!

McQuinn, Anna.
Lola at the Library.

Ages: 3-7
Genre: Fiction - Realistic
Guided Reading Level: N/A


This is a wonderful book if you're looking to introduce young children to the concept of the library - borrowing books, using a card to check out your books, library programs available... it's a very resourceful book about the library! What I like most about this book is that it also promotes bedtime stories, as the stories Lola gets from the library act as her bedtime stories!

Lola is a little girl whose favorite day of the week is Tuesday - Library Day! Lola packs up her book and remembers her card, give back the old books where the librarian checks them in, attends a special children's program and finally gets to pick out new books!

Deedy, Carmen.
The Library Dragon.

Ages: 5-8
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Guided Reading Level: M


Uh-oh! There's a new librarian at Sunrise Elementary - Miss Lotta Scales. Let's just say Miss Lotta Scales really does have lots of scales, she's a dragon! She takes her job too seriously though, thinking she's there to protect the books from the students and ends up turning the whole school anti-library. However, one daring little girl enters the library unknowingly and Miss Lotta Scales finally realizes what the library is really there for - to provide students with pleasure in reading! At the end of the story Miss Lotta Scales turns from the Library Dragon to Miss Lotty, the librarian and storyteller. This was an incredible story! There's even a Library Dragon Flip Doll to complement the story!

Knudsen, Michelle.
Library Lion.

Ages: 5-8
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: K


This book really teaches students a valuable lesson - library rules! Miss Merriweather is just like any librarian we're familiar with - she expects that patrons will follow the library rules: no running, being quiet, etc. One day, a lion shows up and everyone thinks the lion shouldn't be allowed. However, Miss Merriweather agrees to grant the lion access to the library, provided he can follow the rules! The story is told in a very cute, attractive manner and while the lion does challenge some of the rules, he ultimately succumbs to them and despite having broken one of Miss Merriweather's rules, lion learns that sometimes, during an emergency, it's okay to break one of the rules. This was a wonderful story!

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