Thursday, February 12, 2009

Safety for Children!

Today is SafetyPup's Birthday! Safetypup was created by the National Child Safety Council in hopes of bringing safety awareness and education messages to children in a positive, non-threatening way. Safetypup's main goal is helping children "Stay Safe and Sound." For more information about SafetyPup visit any of the following websites:
So, today, I'm focusing on a couple of issues that are hit upon through the Safetypup program - Bicycle Safety and Strangers.

Brown, Marc.
D.W. Rides Again.

Ages: 4-7
Genre: Fiction, Safety
Guided Reading Level: I


D.W. has finally gotten a new two-wheeled bicycle and is more than ready to give her tricycle to baby sister Kate. However, in learning to ride her new bicycle with training wheels, her big brother Arthur feels he must first teach her some simple bicycle safety - how to stop, always remembering to wear a helmet, keep to the right of the road, remember to use hand signals. When Dad finally thinks she's ready, the two set off on a bike ride and D.W. is very careful to make sure she's following the safety rules that Arthur taught her. However, Dad is so busy looking behind him at D.W., he winds up in the pond because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going - the final safety rule D.W. must learn!

This is a cute story of D.W. and her brother Arthur that easily doubles to teach children the most important bicycle safety rules.

Joyce, Irma.
Never Talk to Strangers.

Ages: 3-8
Genre: Fiction, Safety
Guided Reading Level: N/A


Once central message is repeated throughout this story and that is, never talk to strangers! A young child is learning about safety rules as he visits with a variety of animals - a camel, a bear, a spotted leopard, a bee, and tons more. The text itself rhymes and this will easily attract the attention of young children. I felt this story would be wonderful to use when trying to portray the importance of young children not talking to strangers.