Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekly Blog Plan, March 2-6

Here’s the weekly blog plan! Again, please remember this is subject to change and is dependent upon whether or not my materials come in from the library as planned. I realize that this may fall too late for you to use in your classroom this year, but the activities will definitely swing from year-to-year! If you see something you really wanted to incorporate into your classroom, leave me a comment on this post or send me an e-mail, I’d be glad to provide you with the links I have, if nothing more!

Monday, March 2 - National Sleep Awareness Month (Bedtime Stories)

* It's Time to Sleep My Love, Eric Metaxas
* K is for Kiss Goodnight, Jill Sardenga
* Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, Mo Willems

Tuesday, March 3 - Patricia MacLachlan's Birthday (71)

* Once I Ate a Pie
* More Perfect Than The Moon

Wednesday, March 4 - National Grammar Day

* If You Were an Adjective, Michael Dahl
* A Mink, A Fink, A Skating Rink, Brian P. Cleary
* A-B-C-ing: An Action Alphabet, Janet Beller
* Straight and Curvy, Meek and Nervy: More About Antonyms, Brian P. Cleary

Thursday, March 5 - Merrion Frances (Mem) Fox's Birthday (63)

* Hattie and the Fox
* Where the Giant Sleeps
* A Particular Cow

Friday, March 6 - Whooping Crane Migration

* Song for the Whooping Crane, Eileen Spinelli
* Saving the Whooping Crane, Susan Goodman
* Return of the Whooping Crane, Robin Doughty


style='clear: both;' Amanda said...

Once I Ate a Pie is one of my absolute favorite books...I give it to everyone :)

style='clear: both;' Bookworm said...

I'm glad you are feelign better Katie. I missed you.

Thanks for all you do! Your site is one of my all time favorites. I have narrowed my favorites down to a few. I love yours for many reasons and one of them being that I can always trust your recommendations to be good and wholesome. That's not easy to come by these days!

I am thinking of linking to your blog from my blog. May I use your header to do so?