Monday, June 6, 2011

Charlie the Ranch Dog

Amusing ranch dog, Charlie, narrates his typical hard day's work on the ranch with Suzie. Who's really to praise for all the hard work that's done?

Drummond, Ree.
Charlie the Ranch Dog.
April 2011.
HarperCollins Publishers.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Charlie, Ree Drummond's much-loved basset hound comes to life for children in Charlie the Ranch Dog! While Charlie spends a great deal of time introducing children to the work of a ranch dog, adults will pick up on the humor that is all talk and no play when it comes to the actual work of a ranch dog! Charlie makes himself out to look like the hero of the ranch - being a morning dog who's job is to:
  • chase cows out of the yard they shouldn't be in
  • keep critters out from beneath the porch
  • helping out in the vegetable garden
  • rounding up cattle
  • fixing fences
  • catching fish
  • keep cows away from the garden
What Charlie really does is pretend he's doing all the work while his best friend Suzie doesn't have all that he has (in looks and ability), which happens to be what is required to be a ranch dog. However, while Charlie believes Suzie is off running, digging and jumping - tiring herself out so much that she spends the rest of the day resting. And Charlie figures he may as well follow suit! But, while Charlie's resting, Suzie's out being the real ranch dog!

Young children are sure to enjoy the story of two farm dogs, as pets are always a favorite topic for children. Older children and adults will enjoy the humor found deeper within the pages, teaching the subtle lesson to give credit where credit is due!

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