Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to...

Andrew Clements!!!

I never knew what fun books Andrew Clements writes!!!! Did you?

Clements, Andrew.
A Million Dots.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

In this book, Clements give young readers an idea of just how much a million really is! Mike Reed uses a technique that reminds me of looking through a window screen (it's really, literally, a million dots in the all the pictures together) in his illustrations, that depict interesting trivia that's meant to give children a concrete idea of different amounts of items they can relate to that, combined would add up to a million.

If the children (I read in Dora's Diary: Beyond Mist Blue Mountains earlier today, that "kids" are baby goats, so we should only refer to our children as "children," since they are not goats!) are anything like me, they'll enjoy the trivia more than the "million" concept!

Clements, Andrew.
Who Owns the Cow?
Clarion Books.

This book is hilarious... children seem to have an inquisitive nature about them! From the time they can talk in sentences they begin asking "Why?" "Who?" or "Where?" until they receive an answer they're satisfied with. In this book, children are asked, "Who owns the cow?" An elaborate answer is what they get... The farmer owns the cow, he's the one that bought it! But the painter owns the cow because she's the one that paints it! The milkman owns the cow because he sells the cows milk! The answers go on and on, hopefully helping children to realize that sometimes, there are no 100% correct answers to some questions.

If for nothing more than a laugh, this book is definitely worth sharing!

Clements, Andrew.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Haiku's are awesome poems... even Andrew Clements thinks so! In this book, he tells a tale of a stray dog... and the whole tail is told in haiku format! It's really awesome, but definitely worth the read, as at the end of the story, the stray dog has found a new home!

This book would be a perfect complement to a poetry unit as an introduction to the haiku! The lesson plan below includes activities that have children reading Dogku and writing petku... might as well write some haiku about other types of pets, as well!

Lesson Plans/Reading Activities:
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