Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I just have one quick review for today and it is Memorial Day related! Believe it or not, in my search, I was only able to locate one fictional picture book about Memorial Day... that's kind of disappointing!

Golding, Theresa Martin.
Memorial Day Surprise.
Boyds Mill Press.

Marco and his mother have a big day ahead of them... it's even too big of a day to stop and visit Abuelo (Grandpa). It's Memorial Day and the pair is headed off to the city's Memorial Day parade, at which Marco's mother promises a surprise. As they arrive on the main street, Marco finds all of his mother's favorite stores closed and the street lined with people in anticipation of the parade. As the parade begins, we watch as Marco continually questions his mother about the surprise?
Marco wished Abuelo could have heard the music. Maybe it would have made his legs tingle again. "Was that the surprise, Mama?" Marco shouted, "Was it? Was it?"
But the surprise wasn't the band!
Marco waved the flag at the noisy fire truck. "Was that the surprise, Mama?"

Mama shook her head. "No, Marco. The surprise is even more special than meeting a real firefighter.
And the surprise isn't the fire truck or real firefighter...
"Mama, look!" Marco opened his fist and showed her all the sweets he had collected, "That was the surprise, wasn't it?"
However, the candy wasn't the surprise, either!
"Abuelo!" Marco shouted and waved his hands.
"Why is your grandfather in the parade?" Jenna asked.
Marco stood tall. "My grandfather is a hero."
Have you figured out the surprise yet?!?!
Marco did not have to ask Mama. He knew this was the best memory day surprise of all.
This book is perfect for introducing young children to the importance of Memorial Day. It doesn't go into any lengthy detail about the holiday, but rather shows children that the most important part of the Memorial Day parade is honoring the soldiers, like Marco's grandpa, who appears in his fatigues.

I would think children as young as age 3 or 4 would walk away from this book with some understanding of Memorial Day! A must have for the children, especially for teachers or parents who want to expose their children to the more historical aspect of a parade!

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