Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crazy Times...

Well, we all certainly know it's summertime as life has taken a turn towards crazy... mind you, life in this house is always chaotic... things have been just plain crazy in the past few weeks!
  • Last week we spent a week in the rain and mud at a local campground with my 82 year old, immobile grandmother.
  • In just over two weeks, 4 out of 5 family members will be heading to Pawleys Island, SC for a week at a beach house and a reunion with some extended family! (This should be fun... but crazy none-the-less!)
  • I am also in the midst of my six week summer reading program for kids at the local library. I have done three reading groups in the past, but have had very limited participation (at most 5 kids). However, this particular program has brought the kids out in full swing... perhaps because it is summer break. I have over 24 kids enrolled, but have had a turnout of 18 in the first two weeks (pretty good)! However, the prep work is keeping me quite busy, as some of my crafts are more difficult than I had anticipated... I am also trying to be sure that each child has a book available to check-out and take home with them that follows each weeks theme, so that hunt is keeping me quite busy!
That all being said, my blogging style has changed a bit. Rather than trying to find the time to type up summaries to go along with the books each day, I am simply using summaries from or I am and will continue to post my thoughts on the books and any activities that could be used in collaboration with the books. Hopefully you're all okay with this until things settle down here in my neck of the woods! Hope you're all having a great summer and enjoying the reading!