Wednesday, July 8, 2009

National Hot Dog Month

July 1-31 celebrates one of America's favorite hand-held foods with fun facts and new topping ideas. More than 16 billion hot dogs per year are sold in the U.S. Check out the website, here.
-The Teacher's Calendar, 2008-2009

Saltzberg, Barney.
This is a Great Place for a Hot Dog Stand.
Hyperion Books for Children.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:
Izzy tries to save his hot dog stand from Madame Moola Moo, who is planning to build a shopping mall on the same spot.
This book was interesting because it shows how areas can be come commercialized over time. If you coupled it with Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House, it would provided a great discussion for children about the differences between commercial (business areas) and residential (housing areas) and how the two can change over time!

Mara, Wil.
Quite Enough Hot Dogs.
Scholastic, Inc.

Guided Reading Level: E

Summary from Amazon:
How many hot dogs are too many hot dogs? Steve thinks he'll never have his fill - until he dreams that he's a hot dog being chased by the family dog.
This book is perfect for a couple different activities! One, if you have a child who only wants to eat one food... a child who you're constantly telling, "If you keeping eating... You'll turn into a..."! Two, the book also features a ton of words with the silent e that would make this book perfect for a guided reading lesson on silent e words.

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