Friday, July 16, 2010

Barack Obama

Encourage children to learn about our Nation's President!

Sutcliffe, Jane.
Barack Obama.
March 2010.
Lerner Books.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Barack Obama has been a history maker, here in the United States. His election was one of monumental excitement (for many) around the country. Even young children were enamored by his election and followed it for many months in anticipation of Election Day. Their excitement and eagerness to learn about Mr. Obama did not dwindle on the day in which he was elected - to this day, children are still eager to learn what they can about him and his life.

This book perfectly allows them that opportunity. While the book is obviously geared toward older children (I would say, grades 4+), there is no reason that with the help of a teacher/parent, children even younger can learn a great deal of information about President Obama - stemming from his boyhood through the date of his election. Children love to learn facts and share them with their peers and elders, and this book is one that provides children with just that. Definitely a recommended biography of President Obama, prior to his life in office!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • After reading, encourage your child(ren) to further research President Obama. This biography only takes readers up to the time of his election. Since that time, President Obama has had a huge impact on the United States. Have children research the time since his election. What has he done for our country? How do people feel about how he is doing as president, etc? Ask children to write the "next" chapter in Obama's biography, based on a topic of their choice, related to his time thus far in office.

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