Monday, July 12, 2010

Lightning Bolt Books - Famous Places Series

Research some of the most famous places in the United States - and then make it a point to visit them!

Bullard, Lisa.
The Redwood Forests.
March 2010.
Lerner Books.
Guided Reading Level: M
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

The redwood forests contain the world's tallest trees - evergreen trees. Located in Oregon and Northern California, visitors are drawn to the forests because of the factual information (being the tallest living things on Earth), the wildlife and flora within, and the atmosphere found within. In The Redwood Forests, readers will learn about all this, as well as how Redwoods grow and change from year to year.

The book is chuck full of information and contains beautiful photographs taken within the confines of the forests. Coupled with the photographs, the information is very relevant and likely easy for young readers to understand, as it is simple, yet to the point. I've been interested in visiting the Redwood Forests since I reviewed a fiction book about them back in April 2009. One day, I will make it there! Until then...

Learning/Reading Activities:
Piehl, Janet.
The Great Lakes.
March 2010.
Lerner Books.
Guided Reading Level: N
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Formed millions of years ago from melting glaciers, the Great Lakes are located on the border of Canada and the north central United States. All of the Great Lakes are freshwater lakes, connected by a series of rivers, smaller lakes and canals. They are the world's largest group of freshwater lakes. In The Great Lakes, readers will learn details and facts about each of the five lakes that make up the Great Lakes. The book is complete with information about lake life, including the animals that live around the lakes, as well as details about how the Great Lakes have played a role in the history of the United States.

The book provides readers with a wealth of important information pertaining to the Great Lakes. The text is simple, yet detailed enough to paint an important picture and share necessary information. Coupled with the gorgeous photographs, readers will certainly be captivated when learning about the Great Lakes.

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • After reading, have your child(ren) complete an outline detailing important facts about each of the Great Lakes. Ask them to find three details from the book and then send them to Great Lakes Web Page for Kids to find an additional two bits of detail about each lake. The worksheet can be downloaded here.

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