Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More about Adverbs

Brian P. Cleary returns with more about adverbs!

Cleary, Brian P.
Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More About Adverbs.
April 2010.
Lerner Books.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

In Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More about Adverbs, readers can once again turn to the works of Brian P. Cleary in clearly telling them all they need to know! Children will quickly pick up on the following tidbits and start reciting to you adverbs that you probably didn't even know were adverbs!

Adverbs :
  • tell "where"
  • tell "when"
  • tell "how"
  • tell "how often"
  • modify verbs
  • give adjectives a boost
  • answer "how much"
  • help tell us more
  • come in phrases, such as, "in the meantime"
  • relate to time, for example, "right now" or "tomorrow"
  • describe things more completely!
Funny illustrations and rhyming text ensure that readers will delve into the information presented and take away a great deal of knowledge about adverbs. I would think this book would be a welcome addition to any classroom in which children are learning about language usage and parts of speech!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • As suggested in the book,
    Boastfully, blissfully,
    make out a list for me.
    You've learned what an
    adverb is - finally!
  • Cover your classroom walls with bulletin board paper. Challenge your child(ren) to research and add adverbs to the list daily. Pick an appropriate time for doing so - designate 10 minutes in the morning, snacktime, playtime and 5 minutes at the end of the day to add words to the list. You could also do the same activity with other parts of speech - designate one wall for each!

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