Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great (Kids) Books Celebrating Dads!

Father's Day is this Sunday - June 21... It's not too late to celebrate Dad with some children's literature... and I've found just the books for you, the children and Dad!

Partridge, Elizabeth.
HarperCollins Publishers.

This is a really sweet book, sharing a young boy's memory of "whistling up the sun" with his father during a camping trip.

Daddy wakes Jake just before sunrise when the two are camping under the stars. While the campfire burns orange sparks beside their sleeping bags, Jake slowly awakens, telling himself he's ready, but his stomach tells him another story as he prepares mentally for the big moment. Together, they sit and wait for the sun to be ready... While they're waiting they spot a family of deer, and a rabbit hopping by. Before too much longer, along-side Daddy's encouragement, Jake takes a deep breath, forms his lips into a tight circle and blows his breath away on the wind, just like they practiced the week before. They whistle and whistle, until soon the stars have faded away and the birds begin singing louder and faster. At long last, they have "whistled the sun up."

Coupled with the great memory that is portrayed in the story, the illustrations help make the book incredible! Anna Grossnickle Hines, the illustrator, created the pictures using fabric! There's a whole process involved, but I think that it would be really cool to maybe make Dad a fabric picture that shares with him one of your favorite memories of something the two of us (or the two of you) have done together! You can check out details regarding the process of making pictures using fabric by clicking here and here! Very cool!!!

Lawler, Janet.
A Father's Song.
Sterling Publishing.

Showing the bond that exists between a father and child is really priceless! This book does so perfectly, showing the simple day-to-day activities that are shared between father and son. Unlike in Whistling, this book is told from the father's point-of-view, so you really get to see how a father looks at the relationship he shares with his child!

A father and son spend a day in the park making just a few of a lifetime of memories. Their day starts at the slides...
If I gather you close
as we zoom down the slide,
you squeal with delight
as we go on our ride.
We quickly see the different emotions that both parties face throughout the day... the laughter of simple play,
If I chase you around
playing tag through the trees,
you laugh when I catch you
and give you a squeeze.
and the tears at a spilled juice box during a picnic lunch...
If I scrunch up my face
as you're starting to cry,
your tears turn to giggles
before your eyes dry.
After a full day, the duo heads home, Dad carrying Son piggy-back style.
And I'll carry you home
in my arms' warm embrace
to show you my love,
any time, any place.
This is definitely worthy of a read with the kids around Father's Day!

Clements, Andrew.
Because Your Daddy Loves You..
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

This book is quite humorous as it shares with children all the things that Daddy will do for them just because he loves them and is their Daddy! Children will definitely love reading this, but they'll enjoy it even more if it's shared with Daddy!

A young girl and her father head out for a day at the beach just hours after waking Daddy up because she's had a bad dream. However, this trip to the beach is quite eventful... the little girl can't find her shoe, the beach ball accidentally heads out into the ocean, she gets too tired to take even one more step, an ice cream cone turns into a big gooey mess, falling asleep in the car before helping unpack... even needing the same story that she's already heard over and over.
When your ball blows across the sand
and into the ocean and starts to drift away,
your daddy could say,
Didn't I tell you not to play too close to the waves?
But he doesn't.

He wades out into the cold water.

And he brings your ball back to the beach and plays roll and catch with you.
The point of the book is to show children just how unselfish and devoted Daddy is by showing them all the things that Daddy will do just because he loves them! It does a wonderful job and I think it definitely gets the point across!

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