Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kalli Dakos' Birthday

I'm not very familiar with Kalli Dakos at all, so I'm quite looking forward to this post! I'm a little disappointed that only one of the three books I ordered came in to the library in time for this post, but the book itself wasn't disappointing!

Dakos, Kalli.
Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig.
Albert Whitman.

It's typical of many schools these days during the month of March - Reading Month. Many elementary schools and the staff try to promote reading amongst the student body by planning a special activity if students can fulfill reading a set number of books. I guess that's what would make this book so appropriate for perhaps a Reading Month kick-off assembly... and that's exactly what I would recommend it for... or maybe as an incentive to get the children reading this summer... do a little "promise" of your own with them!

Principal Ms. Juliet has promised the students in her school that if they can read 10,000 books during the school year she will kiss a pig. Last year she faced her fear of heights by going up in a hot air balloon. Another year she sat on the roof reading all day, even during the rain. But when it comes time to follow up on her promise by kissing one of the student's pet pigs, she's not so sure she can fulfill the promise! However, in the end... a promise is a promise... and Ms. Juliet probably realizes that if she doesn't stick to her promise, the students will probably give up on reading, as that was their incentive to pick up the books!

One of the best parts of this book was the poems of sorts that were recited by Hamlet (the pig) throughout as he deals with the emotions of knowing he'll likely be kissing Ms. Juliet (he's none to anxious about that)! I'll share a few of them with you...

While trying to make a potion in hopes of exempting himself from kissing Ms. Juliet...
I'll take this pot; I'll mix a brew,
And hope this spell will come true.

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Let their plans burn and bubble!
And, as the students near their goal of 10,000 (8,987 books read)...
Out, out, brief candle
With so small a light!
My hopes are fading
On this dark night.
The students have surpassed their goal of 10,000...
O, heavy heart, do not weep.
This kiss has murdered sleep.
And, upon seeing Ms. Juliet and how beautiful she is...
I never saw true beauty
Till this day.
Ms. Juliet is the sun
That lights my way!

Your gentle kiss
Will feel just right.
Whoever loved
That loved not at first sight?
Are you not yet convinced that the children will love this story??? Definitely head out to the library to pick up a copy of this one... or...

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