Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robert Munsch's Birthday

It's Robert Munsch's birthday today!

Many of us know and love Robert Munsch based solely on one book that touches many of our hearts, Love You Forever... however, he has a whole slew of other great books out there, so I picked a few I wasn't familiar with to share with you!

Munsch, Robert.
Purple, Green and Yellow.
Annick Press LTD.
Guided Reading Level: J

Children will love this book! I'd never read it, let alone heard of it, before ordering it from the local library in honor of Munsch's birthday this week, but it's soooo funny!

Brigid wanting to be like her friends, begs and pleads with her mother to get her a set of markers,
"Well," said Brigid, "there are these new colouring markers. They was off with just water. I can't get into any trouble with colouring markers that wash off. Get me some of those."
Her mother finally gives in and buys her 500! However, Brigid quickly bores of those 500 and begs and pleads for different markers.
"Well," said Brigid, "I didn't get into any trouble and I need some new colouring markers. All my friends have them. Mommy, there are colouring markers that smell. They have ones that smell like roses and lemons and oranges and even ones that smell like cow plops. Mom, they have colouring markers that smell like anything you want! Mom, I need those colouring markers."
So, 500 more markers make their way into Brigid's hands, free of any trouble! However, the markers don't last and Brigid soon needs more!
"Well," said Brigid, "I need some new colouring markers. These are the best kind. All my friends have them. They are super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you're-dead-and-maybe-even-later colouring markers. Mom, I need them."
Apparently, Mom missed the "super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you're-dead-and-maybe-even-later" part, and is so excited about her artist daughter, heads out to pick up 500 of them! Brigid soon colors her entire body a whole rainbow of colors and when she goes to wash up for dinner, the color doesn't come off! So she has to use 1 of the 500 colors to make her skin appear it's actual color... but Mother doesn't smell any soap and takes Brigid to help her wash, soon discovering the rainbow layer beneath, panicking and calling the doctor who advises her to put Brigid in the bath for five minutes after taking a pill. However, the pill winds up making Brigid color-free, but also invisible.

The ending is so funny, I can't give it away... I can only suggest that for $1.99, you head on over to Amazon, via clicking the cover image and pick up a copy to share with the children! It's definitely worth the two bucks!

Munsch, Robert.
Lighthouse: A Story of Remembrance.
Guided Reading Level: L

This book is perfect for a child who is struggling with the loss of a loved one. Robert Munsch gently shares the story of a young girl who is desperately missing her grandfather and feeling the urge to hold on to his life. It's perfect to show children that it's okay to be sad and that there are various coping methods that will help them through this difficult time.

Sarah is struggling with the death of her grandfather - she's even held on to one last rose from his funeral, waiting for the chance to go to the lighthouse, a place where her father and grandfather often frequented. As they make their way toward the lighthouse, Sarah's dad shares with her all of his memories from their visits to the lighthouse. Nearing the end of their visit, Sarah asks if Grandpa can see her, but she comes to the realization that even if he can't answer her, Grandpa is still watching over her and can see her, then she throws the rose that was left from his funeral into the ocean below, signifying a turning point in her grieving.

Munsch, Robert.
Jonathan Cleaned Up - Then He Heard a Sound.
Annick Press LTD.
Guided Reading Level: J

Jonathan tries desperately to keep the family apartment clean at his mother's request. However, the more he tries to keep the place clean, the more times the subway stops, dropping passengers inside, who trample the house, tracking food and mess all the way through! He'd no longer have one mess cleaned up and he'd hear another sound, signaling another subway stopping! Needing to take manners into his own hands, he visits City Hall and talks to the man in charge of setting up the subway stops... who ultimately promises to change the subway stop from Jonathan's apartment!

This would make a great read aloud! Children will love the concept of a subway stopping at their home/apartment!

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