Monday, March 30, 2009

Anniversary: Pencil Patented

Did you know that on March 30, 1858 the first pencil with the eraser top was patented by Hyman Lipman? So, along those lines, I've got two pencil-related books to share today!

Moncure, Jane Belk.
Word Bird's Magic Wand.
The Child's World, Inc.

This book would make for a great introduction at the preschool level. Word Bird shares with readers the magic produced by his "magic wand," his pencil. The book allows readers to make a connection between objects and print, as readers are asked several times, What did Word Bird make? This allows students to look at an object and see how the object is spelled/written in print. I think the concept of the book is wonderful, and the idea of calling a pencil a "magic wand" for young children, will inspire them to pick up a pencil and start making some magic of their own (start writing)!

Lesson Plans/Related Articles:

Ahlberg, Allan.
The Pencil.
Candlewick Press.

This is an adorable story! Allan Ahlberg allows readers to take a journey along side an "almost" magic pencil, showing just how much power a pencil allows someone! As the journey begins, the pencil is all alone, lonely in the world. He quickly draws a world in which he will no longer be lonely - a boy, a dog, a cat. The creatures quickly become unhappy because their world doesn't seems as though it should - since when are apples, bones and cat food black and white? The pencil must think quickly and that he does! Soon enough, the pencil has created a paintbrush - a paintbrush that adds color to the world. Things get out of hand quickly and the pencil is again left to decide how to handle this mess he has created. An eraser!

In a way, I found the story teaching me a lesson! Don't take for granted what you have, because the more you want (and get), the more you'll feel you'll need later on in life! This definitely was a great read and I think you'll that you enjoy it as much as the children!

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